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Ziva Foam Roller (Black)

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Hard Structure Resilient Knobby Form built for Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, Muscle Tension and Reflexology – 33 cm. L x 14 cm. Diam.

CONDITIONING AND MUSCLE BUILDING – This ZIVA Portable Foam Roller (12in L x 5in W) is ideal for conditioning your muscles during or after workouts, massage therapy, physical therapy and yoga. Help increase muscle reflexology and relieve muscle tension with each use.

EXTRA FIRM CONSTRUCTION – Enjoy the heavy-duty construction of this ZIVA lightweight foam roller made from molded polypropylene foam. This foam roller for core training and strengthening features a smooth surface for a strong grip.

STRENGTHENING, STABILATION TOOL – ZIVA’s foam rollers, available in a variety of sizes, are perfect for back pain, core stabilization, balance, stamina and muscle re-education. Improve your posture, coordination and balance while getting in a workout for your core body muscles.

FITNESS COMPANION – Get back into shape or maintain your core when using foam rollers. ZIVA is committed to designing and manufacturing quality to the core that’s evident in our line of ab mats, dumbbells, kettlebells and more.

THE ZIVA DIFFERENCE: It’s the ZIVA difference stemming from a bold dream, a mountain of Taoist philosophy and so much love and dedication that has expanded our global fitness brand into more than 80 countries. Experience the Zen now. 

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